Sunday, May 24, 2015

John McAdams continues to attack Marquette University on his blog

Jim DiEugenio noted on the latest Black Op Radio show that McAdams is now attacking the idea that there should be any such thing as safety on campus.  This is his new tactic to defend himself against the threats he inspired his followers on campus to make against Ms. Cheryl Abbate, a graduate student teaching a philosophy class.

Ms. Abbate, as the right-winger McAdams would have you believe, forbade a student from criticizing same sex marriage in her class. That's not what happened at all.  In response to this one student, who was failing the class and just happened to have McAdams as a faculty advisor, McAdams attacked her on his blog.  Ms. Abate was then the subject of harassment and threats of violence upon her to the point where she had to be escorted by campus security while teaching there to ensure no harm came to her. Because of McAdams bullying followers she had to flee Marquette. This resulted in McAdams being fired from Marquette and opened the door to Ms. Abate possibly suing Maquette for millions of dollars, and to probably suing McAdams for every penny he's got.

Here's what really happened.

McAdams thinks the entire affair was about censorship, about an "attack" on Right-wing ideas. He has fled to Right-wing radio trying to drum up support, especially financial, if Abate files a suit against him.

So, idiot that he is, he tries the lame Right-wing tactic of reframing the issue away, away from his behavior and towards Marquette.  This is just a screen grab below. His blog is here.

There's more. In a post titled "College Authoritarians feeling 'Unsafe'," he claims that Leftists are halting free speech on campus. 

In another blog post entitled "Student Rejects Marquette Because of Politically Incorrect Intolerance," he rants how a student, sympathetic to McAdams, decided not to attend Marquette, now get this, because of what happened to McAdams. 

There is some author, Kirsten Powers, who McAdams cals a liberal, who wrote a book "The Silencing," which echoes McAdams bullshit that Right-wing ideas are being unfairly censored on college campuses. And she uses what happened to McAdams to make her point. 

Kirsten Powers is a whacko. She's a FOX news contributor, an evangelical Christian and on a trip in Taiwan thought she was visited by Jesus. Her book is titled "The Silencing: How The Left is Killing Free Speech." Its published by Regency, the notorious RIGHT-WING publisher.

If she's a liberal then I'm Nixon. 

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