Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mary La Fontaine has died

So, I have a question. Does Mary LaFontaine's death affect the status of tax records of Lee Harvey Oswald. If you'll recall there was a bit of a problem with these records. The La Fontaines seemed to own and control Marina Oswald Porter at the time. They were a barrier to communication between the ARRB and Marina.

The ARRB did get the IRS to transfer JFK assassination related tax documents on certain individuals and businesses to the National Archives but the records were not made public, despite the fact that both the ARRB and the IRS wanted the records released to the public. It turned out that Congress would have to amend the IRS code to get these specific records already transferred to Archives II open to the public. Congress has totally ignored this issue.  See ARRB Final Report page 154.  And endnote 5 to Chapter 8:

JFK Lancer wanted the ARRB to release these records.

LA FONTAINE, Mary Mary Isabell Lunney La Fontaine was born in Dallas and spent her childhood there, as well as in Wichita Falls and, eventually, El Paso, where she attended Irvin High School and accepted a scholarship to attend Texas Western College (now UTEP). There Mary met Ray La Fontaine at an English department party in the summer of '64, and the stunning and brilliant beauty married the dashing professor six months later. The two of them, a perfect match in humor, brains and countenance, were side-by-side until Ray's death nearly 40 years later on July 1, 2004. Together, Mary and Ray produced documentaries, including Murray and Arlene for PBS, which won the Barbara Jordan Award in 1984, and many news segments for Paramount and Fox. Also together, they wrote a book on the Kennedy assassination, Oswald Talked, which has been hailed by many in the U.S. and abroad as the best-researched and most-definitive work produced on the subject. Mary and Ray also wrote investigative pieces for the Houston Post and for the Washington Post, including a passage from their book which was one of the longest excerpts ever produced in that august publication. Artistic endeavors are not Mary's only legacy, however; she and Ray also had two daughters, Charlotte (Charlie) La Fontaine, and Eugenia La Fontaine Krieg, as well as two grandchildren, Isabell and Maximilian Krieg, whom Mary spoiled and adored. Their beloved Charlie died in 2009. On June 29, 2015, at 7:45 in the evening, Mary died peacefully with Eugenia at her side, and, we believe, she is together again with Ray and Charlie. Mary was preceded in death also by her beloved mother, Charlotte Maudine Lunney née Kirby and her father James E. Lunney. In addition to Eugenia, Izzy, Max, and her son-in-law, Richard Krieg, Mary is survived by her brothers, Patrick K. Lunney and James E. Lunney III, as well as her sister Deborah Williams. A memorial service for Mary will be held on Friday July 10, 2015, at 11:00a.m., at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, 6306 Kenwood Ave., Dallas, 75214. 


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