Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thoughts and Prayers for the family members and friends

Today there was a senseless tragedy broadcasted live as a former employee of a TV station killed two people blaming them for his own self destructive behavior. Reporter Allison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward were brutally shot and killed as they were interviewing an employee of the local chamber of commerce outside a mall for a rather routine live report this morning. The employee of the chamber of commerce survived the attack and is in a hospital being treated for her injuries.

The shooter must have known exactly where Parker and Ward would be because he set up his own way to video record his murderous act. He even posted his version of the video of himself murdering these two people up on a social media site. Later in the day he took his own life.

ABC news reported that the shooter sent them a 23 page fax supposedly explaining his motives.

There is no justifiable explanation for this. This was cold blooded, premeditated murder of two young people.

My condolences to their family and friends.  

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