Sunday, May 29, 2016

I found something interesting about Hugh Aynesworth

I was looking for one thing and as it often happens I find something new I didn't expect to find.  This just leaped out at me.

You'll recall how Dan Rather claimed he had no assignment, or nothing official with CBS to do and just happened to be in and or near Dealey Plaza.  Well, the same thing seems to be true for ol' Hughie.

This clip come from the DVD "JFK: Breaking the News." That DVD uses VOB video files which is an older format which some DVD players and other media software programs may have trouble playing. But, I found a way around this problem.  I couldn't get rid of the subtitles, though.

So, that's Dan Rather and Hugh Aynesworth both claiming they didn't have a damn thing to do, and just wandered over to Dealey Plaza, not Love Field, where the President arrived on Air Force One, not any other point along the motorcade, not at the Trade Mart where JFK was supposed to make a luncheon speech, no, they just decided all on their own to go to Dealey Plaza.  And if you believe their bullshit story which they built a career on, and stayed committed to a false story of the murder of the President of the United States for the rest of their lives, then I got a bridge to sell ya in Brooklyn.

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