Tuesday, June 7, 2016

James Jesus Angleton's total contempt for the POTUS no matter who he is Part II

Transcript for the second clip:

Senator FRANK CHURCH (D - Idaho). But you have said that there was an affirmative duty on the CIA to inform the President? 

James Angleton, CIA Counterintelligence. I don't dispute that. 

Senator FRANK CHURCH (D - Idaho). And he was not informed, so that was a failure of duty to the Commander in Chief; is that correct? 

James Angleton, CIA Counterintelligence. Mr. Chairman, I don't think anyone would have hesitated to inform the President if he had at any moment asked for a review of intelligence operations. 

Senator FRANK CHURCH (D - Idaho). That is what he did do. That is the very thing he asked Huston to do. That is the very reason that these agencies got together to make recommendations to him, and when they made their recommendations, they misrepresented the facts. 

James Angleton, CIA Counterintelligence. I was referring, sir, to a much more restricted forum. 

Senator FRANK CHURCH (D - Idaho). I am referring to the mail, and what I have said is solidly based upon the evidence. The President wanted to be informed. He wanted recommendations. He wanted to decide what should be done, and he was misinformed. Not only was he misinformed, but when he reconsidered authorizing the opening of the mail 5 days later and revoked it, the CIA did not pay the slightest bit of attention to him, the Commander in Chief, as you say. Is that so? 

James Angleton, CIA Counterintelligence. I have no satisfactory answer for that. 

Senator FRANK CHURCH (D - Idaho). You have no satisfactory answer?

James Angleton, CIA Counterintelligence. No. I do not. 

Senator FRANK CHURCH (D - Idaho). I do not think there is a satisfactory answer, because having revoked the authority, the CIA went ahead with the program. So that the Commander-in-Chief is not the Commander-in-Chief at all. He is just a problem. You do not want to inform him in the first place, because he might say no. That is the truth of it. And when he did say no you disregard it and then you call him the Commander in Chief. I have no further questions.

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