Monday, August 22, 2016


At the eulogy for his brother Senator Edward Kennedy spoke of Robert F. Kennedy as a man who saw war and tried to stop it.  That's what has to happen first.  For if you see it, you want to stop it. 

Many have seen by now this image of a little boy rescued from his bombed home in Aleppo, Syria. There is a video of him being found and put in the ambulance.

This war is going on in Syria.  It's a civil war as Syrians try to free themselves from the regime of Assad.  It's been going on for years, probably since before Omran was born.

I can only hope it ends soon.  And Assad no longer has any power over anyone in Syria, or anywhere else.

Oman's older brother was pulled from the ruins of their home.  But, he died later in the hospital of his injuries.

Putin is trying to keep Assad in power and has his Russian air force bombing Aleppo.  It's quite possible Putin was behind the bombing of Omran's family's home.

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