Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tom Pettit reporting from Jesse Curry's office.

Another new discovery, for me anyway.  I've never seen this clip before. 

Tom Petit and other reporters are inside Police Chief Jesse Curry's office.  Curry tells them the paraffin test was positive.  Pettit also reports that Curry has made a point of telling them that neither he nor his police department knew Oswald was in Dallas but that the FBI did. 

So, this would be at least two examples where Curry tells the press that the FBI knew Oswald was in Dallas.  You've probably seen where Curry says this in response to reporters asking him questions in the hall.  This press gathering in his office had to have been before he comes out and states that the FBI is under no obligation to tell the DPD anything about anything.  We all know Hoover went ballistic when he heard Curry saying that the FBI knew Oswald was in Dallas for two weeks before the assassination and didn't tell the local police anything about Oswald.  

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