Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Zapruder's granddaughter is now the chief conspiracy debunker

Have people heard of this? Zapruder's granddaughter has written a book about the Zapruder film. Yes, the Zapruder's need to wring more blood money out of the Zapruder film, the poor destitute things. 

She was just on NPR too.

She seems to be a self professed conspiracy theory debunker.  The whole NPR interview is an unquestioning acceptance of Zapruder as if she's this paragon of virture as she marries the JFK assassination conspiracy, which is a fact, with the alt.right BS "conspiracy theories," which are not conspiracy theories, they're just right-wing BS lies meant to damage their political opponents and to keep their base of rubes in line.

She's allowed to write and get published in the New York Times a stupid commentary stating the obvious that "pizza gate is bullshit."  But, she makes it personal, it's "her pizza place," as if she owns it, which she doesn't not, as if she works there, which she does not. This article is used to establish her bona fides as the new conspiracy debunker. Apparently Gerald Posner had to pass that torch to a new generation. 

She, (surprise) conveniently finds the corporate mass media not only blameless for their failures but stresses they are powerless to do anything about the harm done by the promotion of fake news stories.  Poor powerless Facebook, Cable news, Network news, and The New York Times, boo-hoo-hoo.  Of course it's impossible for them to, oh, I don't know, HIRE WRITERS who could write better commentaries than Alexandra Zapruder.  Could they do that?

No, this cannot be done. 

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