Sunday, March 26, 2017

Judge John Tunheim spoke about the status of JFK Records at The National Press Club

Jeff Morley's site has the video of Tunheim's talk

Full audio of the event along with additional speakers -

Black Op Radio has the audio and highlights various points discussed.

Bill Kelly did a transcript

One agency's records and the ARRB's total failure in dealing with, the ONI, Office of Naval Intelligence, was not even mentioned.  However, this was a great success.  Yes, there was some squabbling in getting this started, and going, and right up to the moment they're all there, according to a source, but all JFK assassination researcher attempts to do anything about this case have always been so.  So, I congratulate CAPA in getting Tunheim to appear and talk about the records.

One man in attendance was Paul Kuntzler, a past president of Miller Reporting Company, they did the transcripts for the Review Board, he said he listened to Humes testimony and it was obvious he was lying.  Kuntzler believes there was a conspiracy in the death of JFK. He wrote an amateurish letter to The Washington Post in 2007 and was maligned on goofy websites as an example of what all JFK assassination researchers are like.   

I agree with Jim Lesar that we need a congressional hearing.  But, I do not believe that will happen with the Republicans controlling the House of Representatives.  I believe that can only happen in the Democrats control the House.  Once they do, then we should seek a hearing.  At such a hearing we should present the case, the need for further legislation.

Dr. Wecht is still a spitfire, a sheer joy to listen to.  People in the crowd mention various facts about the case that refute the official story, for example, Tom Robinson, from Gawler's Funeral Home and what he saw and had to do to reconstruct JFK's head because there was the possibility that there would be a private open casket wake for JFK in the White House. Dr. Wecht brought forth to the public that JFK's brain and other autopsy materials were (and, of course, still are) missing from the National Archives in 1972 and how Dr. John Lattimer, a urologist, was the first doctor allowed in to the National Archives to see these highly restricted items yet the great piss specialist failed to mention that the brain was missing.

An Attorney from NYC, one of CAPA's Board of Directors Larry Schnapf spoke.  He sat next to Donald Trump Jr., on the flight to D. C. to come to the CAPA event at the Newseum.  One of the things Schnapf mentioned was the upcoming mock trial at South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas, November 16 & 17th, 2017.  The goal is to have a real criminal case, and then from there have a real Texas Court of Inquiry on behalf of Lee Harvey Oswald's daughters.    

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