Sunday, July 23, 2017

So, I was re-reading Seth Kantor's book "The Ruby Cover-Up" and I thought I'd pass this along.

In an endnote to Chapter 2, #23 there's this:

The Commission reported ( Volume 5, page 200 ) that Ruby said he contracted “Deutsch I Maylor” of the “American Federation of Labor,” instead of properly identifying the contact as M. W. ( Dusty ) Miller, director of the Southern Conference of Hoffa’s Teamsters. 

Now I wonder how many names, or perhaps dates and places, proper nouns, etc did the Warren Commission deliberately fail to give the correct and proper information for? 

Murray W. Miller was the #3 man in Hoffa's Teamsters.  Getting that name wrong and linking it to the completely wrong group is something that I agree with Kantor, it's no mistake.  They deliberately misled people away from who Jack Ruby was talking about.

Murray Miller was the Director of the Southern Conference of Teamsters.  He was a teamster official in Dallas. 

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