Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Possible online release of JFK assassination records imminent, however, Trump may withhold some

According to the JFK Act everything is supposed to be releases by the end of this month.  In fact, some postponed in full document have a release date before Oct 31st.

Jefferson Morley has an article out in which it is feared some intelligence agencies have appealed to the President to withhold some of their documents.

This is a must read, and deeply disturbing, if true. I'm bothered that I don't really see anything officially from NARA about anything Morley mentions.

An attempt to continue to withhold documents is not totally unexpected, but troubling to hear that Trump may be willing to do so.  I for one was hoping that this imbecile would stay the hell out of the issue altogether.

Also troubling is that NARA is planning to make another ONLINE release this month.  God only knows when they're going to do this, how much they plan to release online, exactly how they're going to do this, and how many of the documents will be so totally illegible that it's pointless for them to have even done so with such documents.  One wonder if the originals ( which probably aren't original anything, but horrible 1960's and '70's era photocopies many, many generations removed from their original source ) or if the scanning was done at such a low-resolution and in a .pdf format solely to get as much as possible scanned and available to the public by a certain deadline.  I'm almost hoping that is the case because then one could go back and rescan in .tiff ( uncompresses ) and in color to perhaps regain some legibility to some documents.

I plan to be at Archives II the week of Oct 23rd to the 27th.  I suspect making a massive online presence with released material is being done to reduce the number of general members of the public and possible media from descending upon them this month.  I do hope to see some JFK researchers there.  And if they release material online I'm sure we'll all be eager to receive it.

Stay tuned.


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