Sunday, May 13, 2018

Greg Parker and an interesting document regarding LHO and the TSBD

Alan Dale made a post on Facebook giving some information from Greg Parker's book. In it it mentioned that Oswald was taken off the "Flash" listing of people the FBI considered dangerous individuals that they would pass onto the Secret Service when the President travelled.  Oswald was taken off this listing on October 9th.

Then Bart Kamp posted a document from the October document dump, DOCID 32313130.pdf

I pointed out that this is a three page FBI document.  Its RIF # is 124-10326-10058.  This document is not available on the Mary Ferrell Foundation website by it's RIF number.

It is written by E.T. Turner to J. H. Gale, with a copy going to Sullivan, Brannigan, and Turner.

So, who was FBI agent E.T. Turner?

Turner writes how he was overwhelmed with work and that's why did not review a file on Oswald between 10/10/63 and 11/22/63.  Turner writes he was busy with the Jack Edward Dunlap case.

But, the important thing that everyone on Facebook seemed not to notice is that page two of the document is missing.  The cover page, or first page of the original FBI document is there.

But, the text on page 3 starts in mid sentence.  And the paragraph at the bottom of the first page has a full and complete sentence with a period at the end.  So, page 3 is continuing some thought from a missing page two.  

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