Friday, January 25, 2019

Mr. Nathan Philips ia a liar.

This is a lie - "Phillips, on the other hand, told CNN this week he felt hatred coming from the young people in the crowd. When asked about Nick standing in front of him, Phillips told CNN he was trying to retreat and the only way he could do so was to go forward. 

"When I started going forward and that mass of groups of people started separating and moving aside to allow me to move out of the way or to proceed, this young fellow put himself in front of me and wouldn't move," Phillips said.

The only way to retreat was to go forward? Does he know what the word "retreat" means?  He wan't retreating.  He was charging. He charged into kids he had no business going anywhere near.   

Sandmann did not put himself in front of anyone.  Philips put himself in front of Nicholas Sandmann. 

Why didn't Philips feel any hatred coming from the "Hebrew Israelites" who were taunting, mocking and cursing at the Indigenous People as can be easily seen and heard on the video these "Hebrew Israelites" made of their own actions?  They mocked, taunted, and cursed at them for most of this second video and then they do the same to the kids in the MAGA hats.  

Yet, Philips would still have the world believe that everything was lovely until the Covington kids suddenly and for no reason misbehave.  And that simply isn't true.  


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