Sunday, July 14, 2019

Call for JFK bust to be returned to its original location


                                        Then                                          Now 

JFK bust funded by Sunday Telegraph readers “spirited away” following vandalism, charity claims. 

Across the pond a bust of President Kennedy created by funds from readers of The Daily Telegraph was removed from its original location after it was vandalized.  That was in 2017.  Now a charity organization, The Royal Fine Arts Commission is calling for it to be returned to its original location on Marylebone Road.  

The bust was placed nearby after restoration in the International Student House.  

I would hope it could be returned to its original location with some new security arrangements made by hiring some students to look after the statue.  This seems like a perfect solution.  Funds could be raised from readers of The Daily Telegraph, and The International Student House, and The Royal Fine Arts Commission to accomplish this.  This would restore not only the statue but the honor and reputation of the community which was also attacked when the bust was vandalized.  London is a great city and the people of England were most kind to the Kennedy family in the wake of the assassination of President Kennedy.  I am grateful that there is still a love for JFK and the Kennedy family across the U.K.   

I will keep people updated on this story.  

Below an image from when RFK and Ted Kennedy unveiled the statue.

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