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An IDIOT named "Gregory Klein."

Has anybody dealt with someone calling himself Gregory Klein? He's left some comments on on a video I found.  This is a little discovery I made from the CBS coverage of the assassination on the day of the assassination.  At one point Walter Cronkite takes a break from his anchor desk and turns things over to Charles Collingworth.  This is the video.  Collingworth states that JFK's body did not come up from Dallas aboard AF1 but came up in another plane.

The importance of this is that, A.) it was broadcasted on the day of the assassination, and B.) someone had to have told this to Collingworth.  Who told this to Collingworth is not known.  That's what I want to know.


But, "Gregory Klein," seems to think I am.  He wants to argue about where alterations to JFK's body might have taken place.  That's another issue.

David Lifton in his book "Best Evidence" establishes rather convincingly that JFK's body arrived at Bethesda before RFK and Jackie did.  Now RFK met AF1 at Andrews Air Force base.  Indeed, I believe I've found RFK quickly going up the stairway and entering the front of AF1 from the television coverage of this.  I have that in another post on this blog.  We can all see RFK and Jackie, still in her blood stained clothes getting into a grey Naval ambulance and in the back is the bronze ceremonial casket that everyone believes has JFK's corpse in it. Lifton interviewed Bethesda employees, Dennis David and Jerrol Custer who were already working on JFK's body and were taking X-rays to be developed prior to the arrival of RFK and Jackie in the grey naval ambulance. This ambulance supposedly has JFK's body in the bronze ceremonial casket.

How can this be? If JFK's body arrived earlier and they took pictures and photos, etc, then JFK's body cannot also be outside in the Navy ambulance. The bronze ceremonial casket must be empty.

So, what explains this? Well, since "Best Evidence" came out in 1980 we've had Oliver Stone's movie  "JFK"and the law, Public Law 102-527, known as the JFK Act that declassified millions of pages of documents relating to the assassination.  Many of the records released related to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) study of the JFK Assassination.  It was the HSCA final report and accompanying volumes that David Lifton used as the primary material for his work as he compared and contrasted it with the conclusions of the Warren Commission. Lifton theorized that JFK's body might have been removed from the bronze ceremonial casket during the swearing in of LBJ aboard AF1.  But, this assumes that JFK's body was in the bronze ceremonial casket when it was placed aboard AF1.

What if it wasn't?

What if JFK's body was removed from the bronze ceremonial casket earlier than that? What if what Collingworth reported is true?

I do not believe either David Lifton or Doug Horne were aware of this video clip from CBS prior to the writings of their books.

I do not believe any body alteration took place aboard any plane, whether JFK is on AF1 or AF2.  Nor do I believe any body alteration took place in Dallas.  I do not believe the John Liggit story, nor anything to do with body swapping with Officer J.D. Tippit.

If what Collingworth says is true, I think it's a major find and it would fit in with known facts.

Doug Horne relates the story of someone at Andrews who was a helicopter pilot who was going to take JFK's body to Bethesda. But, he saw a casket placed into an ambulance and RFK and Jackie get in and thought oh, well then they're going to go that way so he thinks his orders have changed.

I'm aware of this story.  It could very well be true.  It's possible that RFK and Jackie are going with a casket that they probably don't know does not contain JFK's body. This was part of someone's plan. And not knowing everything that was going on the helicopter pilot then left leaving the conspirators behind who now have to make new arrangements to get JFK's body to Bethesda. It's not impossible for them to commandeer another helicopter or vehicle to get JFK's body to Bethesda ahead of the Navy ambulance with RFK and Jackie.

I agree with Horne that body alteration took place at Bethesda.  Before you get into body alteration it's vital to try to understand exactly where and when the body is.  If you understand that the bronze ceremonial casket seen offloaded at Andrews airfare base which went straight to Bethesda had to be empty, then JFK's body was intercepted sometime between leaving Parkland hospital and AF1's arrival at Andrews airfare base.

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  1. Joe: You appear to be open the idea that the bronze coffin was empty; yet you strongly assert there was no body alteration. But then you state that you agree with Horne that body alteration occurred at Bethesda. I'm confused. If there was a covert intercept, then isn't it clear that the body was almost certainly altered--i.e., that the wounds were altered? What other reason would there be for such an intercept? My other question: can you direct me to the writing that presents evidence that RFK can be seen ascending the front stairs of AF-1? I'd like to read it. Thanks.