Wednesday, August 7, 2019

More morons selling crap

There is some fool claiming that in the sprocket hole area of the Zapruder film an image of an assassin located on the roof of the County Records building was magically captured.  This was due to the "curved lens" of Zapruder's camera.

WTF? This crap was written by Deborah Whittington on the Dealey Plaza UK Facebook page.  And there's another fool going by "Racerkey999," on with a video about this.

This is total bullshit.  What the hell do they think a camera lens is anyway? Has anyone ever heard of one that was not curved? What are they supposed to be, square shaped? Triangular? A rhombus?

This happens all to frequently by people who don't want to do the reading, don't want to do the research.  They want to make a big stupid claim to try and pretend they're someone important. They're not.  They are fraudsters selling total crap. 

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