Saturday, April 24, 2021

A friend gave me a document with something interesting in it.


Hello, folks.  On the Mary Ferrel Foundation website, which I do hope you all subscribe to and support, they have a document 180-10111-10051, which is about an HSCA interview with Donald Deneslya.  Deneslya is an extremely important individual in the JFK assassination case.  He once said he read a CIA debrief on Oswald when he returned to the USA from his time living in the former Soviet Union.

Okay, so that document is 180-10111-10051.  That document is redacted.  They have this on page 3

What they are hiding is this

On page 2 on the MFF version you see this:

You should be seeing this

Now let's talk about this.  So, does that mean Golitsin revealed that Devosjoli was a high level leaker, a possible spy, someone to be weary of at least? Devosjoli is believed to be the true author of the "Farewell America."  That book is thought to be a 100% disinformation campaign financed by none other than James Jesus Angleton.  

Deneslya's testimony to the Church Committee, according to friends I have a very high opinion of, is missing. A lot of the Church Committee testimony which did exist is now missing.

I believe the originals still exist in hardcopy and on microfilm.  I could be wrong and the originals are indeed now missing. 

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