Tuesday, July 20, 2021

DC Comics has Superman meeting JFK again. But it's quite different this time.

Take a look at these images from "Superman & The Authority" #1.

What is going on here? JFK was 6 feet, 1 inches tall.  So, how tall is this Superman? He looks to be 8 feet tall by comparison.  Why this grotesque height disparity? 

Decades ago in Action Comics #309 JFK is in disguise as Clark Kent to help Superman keep his secret identity.  Well, that clearly couldn't work this freakishly tall Superman.   

Has JFK's name, his reputation, his legacy, diminished in the years between these two comics? Is JFK supposed to be seen as a small man, a less important president than some other president?  

Someone seems to be implying this. It's certainly odd. 

Why did they do this?  



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