Saturday, July 9, 2022

Normal vehicular and pedestrian traffic not regulated.


Neither cars nor bicycles were blocked from moving behind Abe.  Here is a white vehicle moving behind Abe just a little bit after he stood on that red box. Going left to right as viewed.

Another vehicle goes right to left.  Two lanes of traffic are allowed to move behind Abe. 

Traffic moved on the side and in front of Abe.  This traffic cop let's this vehicle through.  

And after the shooting as men tackle the gunman some fool is allowed to ride his bike behind them as though it's just a normal day in a park.  

This is absolutely insane.  

Spot where speech was given is described as being hurriedly made.  

In contrast he gave a speech elsewhere with much better security.  I just saw that clip and I'm trying to find it again. Aha!

I may be wrong but I think this was within a few days or earlier in the political campaign.  Crowd kept back.  And it looks like the traffic was regulated

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