Monday, July 11, 2022

Questions about the Abe assassination


Japan’s DLP won, won a super majority. Their policies are somewhat controversial.  They are nationalistic and they want to strengthen their military. This goes against the US imposed constitution of little to no domestic military. 


A bizarre story is that the assassin thinks Abe had something to do with the Rev. Moon’s Korean church.  The assassin’s mother went bankrupt giving them money.


We know nothing of consequence about the assassin.  We still have no clue as to who or what was behind the assassination.Nothing makes sense.  


Kashida is the Japanese PM now.  He is a political ally of Abe, sort of Abe’s approved successor. 


Why didn’t security forces move their butts and help Abe after that first shot went off? They should have moved to move Abe off that red box, they should have closed in to protect him. There was a pause before the second shot. The assassin could have been tackled right after the first shot. 


The Hindustan Times reports that the assassin looked at’s tutorials on how to make a gun.  Also, that the assassin tested his gun at a facility connected to the Moon universalist church.  Homemade gun was designed to fire at least 6 metal pellets at a time.  He also tried to make bombs.


Kyodo News reports the assassin thought Abe promoted the Universalist church in Japan.  

Assassin also visited other sites where Abe spoke.


A video where others come and stand near Abe, candidates or politicians seeking re-election. 


Computer animation of the shooting

It is thought that the assassin fired his first shot at about a distance of six meters. This shot missed Abe. The second shot was fired at about a distance of 3 meters.  

There was about a five second pause between the first and second shot.  During that time the assassin moved closer to Abe.  No one is seen running to move Abe, nor to run toward the assassin.  The security are all caught by surprise.  

Since the assassination in some kind of damage response the Metropolitan Police Department released a video showing what they are trained to do in a shooting incident meant to harm or kill a dignitary.  But, it only really highlights the contrast in what they did not do. 


It clearly wasn't. 

He planned it for months.

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