Saturday, January 30, 2010

A remarkable photo to keep in mind from the Sanitation Worker's Strike

This photograph from the Memphis Commercial Appeal shows the extraordinary military presence in Memphis during the Sanitation Worker's strike.  This photo was taken the Friday before Dr. King was shot, March 29, 1968, a mere 6 days before the assassination. There are four armored personnel carriers, basically tanks, depicted, perhaps there were more if we could see further down the street.  Look at this photo, four armored personnel carriers and there appear to be only three men marching in the strike on this particular street and intersection.

Caption from the Commercail Appeal:

The daily sanitation strike marches resumed March 29 - one day after rioting left Main and Beale littered with bricks and broken glass and dappled with blood. The city was taking no chances on a repeat of the violence: National Guardsmen in armored personnel carriers equipped with 50-caliber machine guns escorted marchers.

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