Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hope for an MLK Records Act

There seems to be something brewing relating to an ARRB style MLK Records Act.  So, I want to resurrect some of my earlier writing on the MLK case.  Unfortunately, they were originally posted on John Kelin's "Fair Play" website and/or with JFK Lancer, neither of whom seems to have maintained good links for them today.  John Kelin has stopped producing "Fair Play," though it is supposedly archived through a free internet site from Ohio.  And JFK Lancer seems to have moved some, if not all, of my writings on the MLK case and the coverage I gave to the effort of getting James Earl Ray an evidentiary hearing and a new trail to an ftp site, which doesn't work.  I hope I can recover that material.

One article I wrote, in two parts is available, "Memphis Miasma," here:

 Memphis Miasma Part One

Memphis Miasma Part Two

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