Monday, April 5, 2010

Recalling JFK's visit to Wisconsin in 1960 primary

Blogger Tom Giffey writes about JFK's visit to The University of Wisconsin - Stout in 1960.

JFK visits the Chippewa Valley

And the local paper in Eau Claire, Wisconsin recalls JFK visit.  It was 50 years ago.  They want you to pay to see the whole article.

They want you to pay to see the rest of the article, but oddly they give captions to photos you can't see on the website.

The caption for this photo says, "Kennedy waved while boarding his campaign airplane, the Caroline, after a visit to Eau Claire. His youngest brother, Edward, is visible at lower left. The other men are unidentified."  They man over Ted Kennedy's left shoulder is Kenny O'Donnell.  The man on the stairs could be Dave Powers, but I'm not sure.

Doesn't it seem so wrong to say that? "JFK" and "50 years ago," shouldn't be in the same sentence.

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