Friday, June 10, 2011

National Archives Releases Recipes From JFK, LBJ and Queen Elizabeth II

National Archives Releases Recipes From JFK, LBJ and Queen Elizabeth II

Ever taste a British monarch's scones, a Kennedy's 

chowder or President Lyndon B. Johnson's Texas
chili? Well, now you can. Today the National Archives
on the history of American food and the government's
effect on the nation's diet. The exhibit includes more
than 100 original documents and images, as well as
government videos, from antiquated food guidelines
to a scones recipe Queen Elizabeth II sent to President
Dwight D. Eisenhower. "The concern was malnutrition
and getting enough calories," exhibit curator Alice
Kamps said. "The very earliest guides didn't
emphasize fruits and vegetables, because vitamins 
hadn't been identified or their importance in a
nutritious diet wasn't known." Kamps believes this
exhibit will add to the conversation as the country
wrestles with problems of obesity and unhealthy.

Now I find this to be hysterical. This is IKE's vegetable soup recipe.  
And I need to emphasize this, VEGETABLE Soup. 
Please note all the VEGETABLES in the VEGETABLE SOUP.  

published in The Marion Sentinel, Linn County, Iowa.)
"The best time to make vegetable soup is a day or so
after you have fired chicken and out of which you
have saved the necks, ribs, backs, uncooked. (The
chicken is not essential, but does add something.)

Milk (hot) – 2.25 gallons

Parsley (chopped coarse) – 1 pint
Ham (cooked, diced) – 10 pounds
Eggs (hard-cooked, sliced) – 18
1. Melt the fat, add flour and salt, and blend. Cook 3
2. Add to milk. Cook, stirring constantly, until
3. Add parlsey, ham and eggs. Mix and heat
4. Serve on split corn bread, either fresh or toasted

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