Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where do they get this stuff?

Okay, I saw a post on a blog.  It's one of those let's bunch a lot of obviously false conspiracies like, we didn't really go to the moon, and current political conspiracies that are really just thinly disguised racist attacks, that whole "Birther," Obama wasn't really born in Hawaii crap, and a current wacky theory about Michael Jackson's death together for the purpose of denying that there's any validity to a conspiracy in the murder of JFK.  You've probably seen many examples of this.  But this blog - - has me wondering where the hell the information she says is part of the JFK conspiracy comes from.  The author of this post is Ally Millar.  The post is titled Five Great Conspiracy Theories.

Her blogging skills aren't great.  The post is cut off on the right side by a column of ads so it's difficult to read.

Her mathematical skills aren't great either.  What's the title of the post? Five Great Conspiracy Theories.  Her second sentence, "What follows are seven of the best known conspiracy theories and links to further evidence and reading."

She starts off with JFK.  And her first thought is a run on sentence.  I don't know what she harms more the narrative of the actual conspiracy to kill JFK or the English language.

"Perhaps the [missing an adjective here] conspiracy theory of them all, the death of JFK and in fact the mysterious demise of much of the Kennedy dynasty and its peripheral figures (Marilyn Monroe…) has been the subject of books, re-enactments, debate, comedy, features and a double Oscar winning film." 

Here's what I'd like explained or further elaborated upon.

1.) "A deserter who lived in the Soviet Union..."  I think she means defector.  LHO was not a deserter, and he never did properly defect.  

2.) "Oswald was on file at the FBI as a committed communist."  When was this? In 1959? When he "defected?"  I don't think so.  

3.) "He was turned down from working at the KGB..." What? He never applied for work with the KGB! This is misleading.  Oswald tried to defect and tell the Soviets what he knew as a radar operator about the U-2 but the Soviets were naturally quite suspicious of him.  I think she's regurgitating Edward Jay Epstein disinformation.  

4.) A two parter - "Jack Ruby himself later claimed Oswald had not killed Kennedy, and that he had not killed Oswald." Oh really? When and where and to whom did he say this? 

5.) " reality Oswald was a world class, consistent marksman with a 95 percent accuracy -in-rapid-fire score" TOTAL BULLSHIT!    

6.) "Latter day CSI-type video refits of the incident using the tapes from local dress-maker come amateur film maker Abraham Zapruder, show that the sitting position of the two men in the car and their bullet wounds could well have been consistent with one bullet." 

And it could be theoretically possible for pigs to fly out of my ass.  "Using the tapes?" TAPES? It's film, you idiot! FILM. One film. They didn't have video camcorders for the mass public like they do these days.  And even using videotape in a camcorder today is near impossible.  Audio and video recording devices today are more likely to be digital for easier use with a computer so that things can be instantly uploaded to the internet.  Audio and video is not recorded in analogue and to a separate medium like tape.  The information is embedded into the hard drive or some kind of memory chip or flash drive.  The sentence is so full of Gary (not my real name) Mack - Discovery Channel talking points bullshit that it's really pointless to waste time debunking it.  It's garbage, essentially it's if you move this here and that there you can get a straight line.  None of the evidence supports this crap.  It is only by the deliberate OMISSION of evidence and the deliberate distortion of evidence that allows one to imagine a straight line (working backward) between Governor Connallys wounds to JFK's wounds to the alleged sniper's lair in the Texas School Book Depository.  

There is only one link for more information on JFK, and it is to a BBC version of "Beyond Conspiracy," a phony documentary involving nearly every denier you can think of that properly should be called "Beyond Stupidity." 

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