Tuesday, November 15, 2011

6th Floor Museum wants Dealey Plaza control for an entire week for the 50th anniversary

From The Dallas Morning News:

This afternoon, an attorney for author and JFK conspiracy theorist Robert Groden, sent out an e-mail about his ongoing frustration with the city's decision to largely turn over Dealey Plaza to the Sixth Floor Museum during the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

Some of Brad Kizzia's concerns revolve around what he sees as technical problems with the way the permit was handled by City Hall.

But the biggest problem is the fact that the permit gives the Sixth Floor Museum control of the plaza before and during the marking of the anniversary.

"Most troubling, the permit is requested for Dealey Plaza from 8am to 10pm every day from 11/18/13 to 11/24/13! The "take-over" of Dealey Plaza is supposed to last ALL week from Monday through Sunday before and after 11/22/13," he writes.

Kizzia's client, Robert Groden, was arrested in 2010 for selling books and pamphlets at the plaza.

Kizzia fought successfully against the charges but still wrangles with the city over what rights authors like Groden should have in the public plaza.

He wants the city to "clarify whether this is intended to be an exclusive use or control (e.g. a Sixth Floor monopoly--just what it's always wanted) of Dealey Plaza in violation of everyone else's Constitutional rights, particularly since Dealey Plaza is a National Historic Landmark."

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