Monday, November 14, 2011

Here we go again, more Bullshit anti-conspiracy JFK documentaries

Max Holland leads a team in examining assassination films now re-mastered in high definition.  They are "looking," for "The Lost Bullet."  And that's the name of the show on the National Geographic Channel. They believe the Warren Commission version of events, 3 shots, with one that missed everyone in the car, and even missed hitting the car.  So, this missed bullet was never recovered.   Apparently, Holland thinks he will find it in a high definition scan of the films. Oh boy.

This is just such total bullshit I don't know where to start in attacking it.  To proclaim that the assassination films are the only eyewitness evidence from that day is to deliberately lie on a grand scale.  There were, of course, many eyewitnesses in Dealey Plaza, in the motorcade and in the presidential limousine.  

Then there's the description of the Zapruder film as being "restored."  What does that mean exactly? And more importantly what does "combined for the first time together in one film," mean? I think they meant to say that this is the first time the entire Zapruder film will be scanned in high def and presented on TV.  If they meant that they should have said that.

Harold Weisberg among many other researchers knew there were images in the sprocket hole area of the Zapruder film from the get go.  The JFK assassination research community has known about this and has studied this for decades.  This is not a new discovery from Holland.

But the absoluteley best piece of bullshit is Holland thinks he see Lee Harvey Oswald in the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository

JFK assassination exposed with startling new clarity on National Geographic Channel

Mystery of missing bullet may be solved as new digital transfer captures previously obscured details, including those in the sprocket areas.

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy still reverberates for the U.S. and the world after almost 50 years, yet there still seem to be more questions than answers. According to a 2003 poll, as many as 70 percent of Americans still believe either that Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent or that he did not act alone. Most experts and sceptics agree that three shots were fired at JFK, but one bullet missed and was never recovered. The official investigations never pinpointed the time and location of all three shots and can only account for two of three bullets.

Now, National Geographic Channel (NGC) provides an unprecedented new look at the only eyewitness evidence from that fatal day — the home movies shot by average citizens at Dealey Plazain Dallas. Newly re-mastered in high definition at a higher resolution than ever before, could the additional level of detail reveal evidence needed to put to rest some of the biggest conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination?

NGC presents 
JFK: The Lost Bullet on Sunday, 20 November at 21:00. The documentary offers the exclusive first look at home videos from that fateful day, including the restored Zapruder film, re-mastered in crystal-clear high definition and combined for the first time together in one film.

The digital scans offer more than projected images ever could—including details in the areas of exposed film between the sprocket holes. Could this obscured information shed light on some of the many controversies surrounding JFK’s death — including the mystery of the missing bullet?

Led by renowned historian and author Max Holland, a team of expert investigators analyses the re-mastered films for new clues. Culling together these eyewitness movies frame by frame, Holland creates a second-by-second reconstruction of what took place in Dealey Plaza on 22 November, 1963. Referring to one of the restored home movie clips, he says, “This is extremely exciting because as far as I’m concerned, this is a new film about the assassination that’s never been able to be viewed or evaluated— because it’s never appeared with such clarity.”

With the new high-definition scans and higher resolution, Holland thinks critical new details are revealed, including what he believes is the first time we are able to see Lee Harvey Oswald moving in the sixth-floor window within seconds of the first shot. If Holland is right, the film may offer new clues as to where the mysterious first bullet actually hit.

JFK: The Lost Bullet investigates this historic crime scene with help from a retired U.S. Secret Service agent who participated in the first U.S. Secret Service investigation of the assassination, a key eyewitness who hasn’t talked publicly about the assassination since 1967 and a wound ballistics expert. Shutting down the streets of Dealey Plaza, the team restages the shooting using a replica of Kennedy’s car, an identical rifle and ammunition. Measuring the angle of the rifle with lasers, they match the approximate trajectory of each of the three bullets.

Pairing their findings with the home movies, additional eyewitness accounts, and archival photos and records, Max Holland builds a case for what he thinks no official report has ever managed to provide: a clear explanation for the missing bullet fired by Lee Harvey Oswald.

JFK: The Lost Bullet is produced by National Geographic Television for National Geographic Channel (NGC). For National Geographic Television, executive producer is Pamela Caragol Wells. For NGC, head of global programming is David Lyle.

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