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The 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK, The City of Dallas, The Sixth Floor Museum, Debra Conway, and an idea for a dignified commemoration.

The 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK will occur on November 22, 2013.

The City of Dallas wants to own that event by essentially privatizing Dealey Plaza.  They have given themselves "a permit," to control the area where the assassination took place for the whole week.  This was covered by the Dallas Observer magazine in their article: Gassy Knoll Dark Forces Silencing JFK Conspiracy Folk.

But, the problem is one wonders if The Dallas Observer is really a friend to those who know there were two conspiracies, one to kill JFK, and one to cover it all up, because you'll notice they don't say Grassy Knoll, they say Gassy Knoll.  So are they befriending us or making fun of us?

The author of The Dallas Observer article referred to a Dallas Morning News article from October 30th, 2011 entitled,  "Dallas' JFK museum to oversee Dealey Plaza events for 50th anniversary of assassination."  which is now behind a pain-in-the-butt subscriber content only wall.  Nevermind, I have it here.

Now there's a little con game going on, a slight of hand movement on such a scale not seen since Dick Cheney leaked info to Judith Miller that Iraq was trying to enrich uranium with aluminum tubes.  And the idiotic Bushies knew this was true because the aluminum tubes had anodized coating on them.  Miller dutifully put it in The New York Times and then Cheney when on Meet the Press to essentially say it's not me saying that it's The New York Times.  No one bothered to check that A, the tubes were the wrong size, and B, more importantly, the anodized coating is there TO PREVENT any possibility of enriching uranium.  In order to do what they said the Iraqis were doing you would have to remove that anodized coating.  So, in reality what the Bushies thought was THE PROOF, was THE PROOF that they were lying.

Something similar is going on with The City of Dallas crying crocodile tears that attempts by JFK Lancer, run by Debra Conway and (unfortunately) separately The Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA) run by John Judge, to hold a dignified moment of silence at 12:30 on November 22nd has lately included something they found distressing or distasteful.  They don't want to see "a carnival atmosphere."

Well, boo-hoo.  What they are doing here is lying by omission.  First of all, let's talk about the so called "permits," The City of Dallas gives out, and they don't give them out for free.  In most cities in the United States if you want to have an event in a public space you go to City Hall or some other governmental agency and get a permit.  This permit allows the permit holder, and only the permit holder to have an event at a specific place at a specific time.  There is an exclusivity to the permit, otherwise the permit is worthless.  It would be illegal for some other person or group to upstage you at your event when you have THE permit for that space at that time.  This is not the case in D'uh-allas.  No, there they tell you you need a permit and there is no exclusivity to the permit.  ANYONE AND EVERYONE is encouraged to upstage you and your event.  And it wouldn't surprise me at all that certain elected and appointed civic leaders in D'uh-allas encourage people to interfere and upstage events by actually paying them to do so, and then they blame the victims of this agent provacateur crap as though JFK Lancer or COPA invited people to interfere and interrupt the proceedings.

Now by causing the problem, they offer the solution.  (Some of them must be bankers) They now feign enormous umbrage and declare they will just take over Dealey Plaza.

They are not only lying they are ahistorical.  Penn Jones Jr. started the idea of just being in Dealey Plaza and trying to have some kind of a dignified moment to honor JFK in Dealey Plaza every November 22nd.  It did not start after this phony fake outrage at what the JFK research community has been doing. Do you see how ass backward that is? And this idea that not having any event, which is what they really want and had for years, is somehow honoring a Kennedy family request not to have any official observation of the assassination in Dallas is farcical.  These people don't give a damn about Kennedy, or the Kennedy family, they care about D'uh-allas.  They would be perfectly happy blowing up Dealey Plaza and putting a football stadium there.  NO, this is about control.  If America is going to pay attention to Dealey Plaza every November 22nd because the vast majority of Americans actually want to honor and remember JFK then, damn it, D'uh-allas, and The Sixth Floor Museum will control how America does that.

But, what really surprised me was that in that article was a quote from Debra Conway. "I'm kind of glad," she said of the museum's plans.  I don't think a lot of those things that have happened will happen when the museum takes over.  I think they'll have a ceremony that won't get out of hand."

I didn't know what to make of this.  Debra Conway has been the victim of many shenanigans by The City of Dallas, and now she seems fine with being yanked off the stage by the very forces desperately trying to upstage her.

The problem with talking to the Dallas Morning News or any other Dallas print or broadcast media is that they are not going to go back to you and admit they got it wrong, or misquoted, or deliberately used you and ask for you to clarify, or say what you meant to say.  So, why was Deb talking to them at all?  I would think Deb is too smart to be played by The Dallas Morning News.

Debra has weakened her own position by, I think, misunderstanding what is going on.  It is not JFK Lancer's, nor COPA's responsibility to hold a large scale 50th anniversary commemoration of the assassination of JFK.  This is not a contest of who has the financial resources to accomplish that, clearly The Sixth Floor Museum has more, almost inexhaustible, financial resources.  I think this should be seen as who has a moral right to be there.  Who started this tradition?  Who was there when no media at any level mentioned the anniversary in those years between 1 and 5, between 6 and 10, between 11 and 15, between 15 and 20, between 20 and 30, between 30 and 50? Who was there in the early years when the crowds were very small? Not the City of Dallas, and not the Oswald-Did-It- Merry-Go-Round pretending to be a museum.  Who was there by the dozens, hundreds, thousands, when the media LIED and said no one was there?

I'll tell you who, JFK assassination researchers, that's who.  And we're not going to be silenced, pushed aside, pepper sprayed, tasered, or whatever method City of Dallas officials and Sixth Floor Museum goons want to use to make us go away.

If you want to have a DIGNIFIED commemoration, Dallas, here's what you do.  Find a couple dozen Irish Catholic priests and have a full, proper, memorial funeral mass for President Kennedy.  Have someone from the Holy Trinity Catholic Church say the mass, a big outdoor open mass.  Have a great big sign on top of The Sixth Floor Museum, right where the ol' Hertz rent a car sign was.  Have it blink, "EVERYONE WELCOME." Do that.  And leave the Cowboy hats at home.  

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