Monday, December 5, 2011

Remember how the National Declassification Center would help get some JFK Assassination Records released? Well, forget about it.

Despite attending their first public meeting, and writing a transcript of that meeting (my most popular posting) I have not received a damn thing from them telling me anything about any of their activities, or when the next public hearing might be.

At the June 2010 public hearing Dr. Michael Kurtz commented that withheld JFK Assassination records would be processed by the NDC, and that the National Archives took over the responsibilities of such records from the ARRB when they went out of business.

Two months later at the August 23, 2010 not so public meeting (because I wasn't informed about it) this commitment was rescinded.  JFK records are NOT part of the NDC mission and will not be processed and released by Dec 2013.  By the way, Dr. Michael Kurtz retired in January 2011.

My thanks to Dan Alcorn for the update.

National Archives works on declassifying massive backlog of documents. 

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