Sunday, January 8, 2012

Doug Weldon has died

From Barb Junkkarinen:

Heartbreaking news this morning. Doug Weldon passed away overnight.Doug has been entrenched in a nightmare health battle since early September 2010. It all started with a sore on a toe after a long bike ride. Doug was diabetic. From there it progressed to amputations, infections, and multiple incidences of pneumonia ... one thing after another putting him back in intensive care, or at least back into the hospital, every time it would seem like he was making some progress. I can only recall about 3 very short spans of time (days) over the last 15 months that Doug was not in a hospital or a rehab/nursing facility.

Doctors have been amazed at how strong and determined Doug was able to stay. I was amazed for the physical doggedness, but not the mental. He was so mentally strong and determined. Please keep his family in your thoughts and in any prayers you may be able to offer.

As details become available, including which address to use for cards, flowers, etc, I will post that information. 

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