Friday, March 16, 2012

More thoughts since Doug Horne's appearance on Black Op Radio

The more we learn about Andrews Air Force base and what was going on there from the moment they learn of the assassination until late that night the better.

Doug Horne mentioned on Black Op Radio that he recently rewatched the NBC "As It Happened," program where they just ran the footage of everything NBC broadcast that day.

This program has aired a few times on cable tv.  A section is available on at

This section is entitled "Arrival of the Kennedy party from Dallas on Nov 22, 1963.  It's 9:19 long.

There are two main voices we hear at Andrews Air Force Base, one a male, one a female.

Okay, things to note or some questions that came to my mind.

1. Some lights are there to illuminate the arrival of the plane. Where did they come from? Where were they placed? Why were they placed there?  Who controlled them?

2. Air Force One has landed and is taxing over to the TV cameras in darkness.

3. A female reporter is heard commenting as AF1 is taxing toward them that the lights went out and that hundreds of reporters couldn't see anything. Now the lights are back on.

4.  As soon as the female reporter stops talking we hear a helicopter that is quite close to her. The male reporter starts talking, "Cabinet officers, diplomats, congressman..." and we still hear this helicopter.  The truck that has a cargo area that can be raised up and will lower the casket and Jackie, RFK and some others enters the picture frame.  And again the picture goes dark for a moment.  The rear door of the plane opens.

5. The picture shifts to the front of the plane which has a staircase there now and people are coming off the plane.  We can see some type of vehicle moving behind the staircase and to the left front of the plane.

6. The female reporter comments, "An Army helicopter has just landed and is making a great deal of noise." The camera moves and we now see a helicopter.

7. The raised part of the truck is now up to the level of the rear door of AF1.  Again the picture goes dark for a moment.

8.  The female reporter says she can see men struggling with the casket. We cannot see this yet. There seems to be movement behind the plane.  Lights can be seen moving horizontally along the underside of the plane.

9. The casket comes into view with what looks like 5 or 6 men on one side of it.  We cannot see the other side of the casket.

10. We see them lower the truck's cargo area. A Navy ambulance is brought up.

11. The male reporters says, "It is our understanding that the body will be flown by helicopter from here." So, that tells me he has some sources who told him that, or maybe he or other media people might have been listening in on some military channels.  Somebody talked about this.

12. The female voice, naming her source, says some senators think the body will be flown by helicopter to the White House.

13.  The casket is very roughly manhandled out and into a Navy ambulance.  I got my mother to watch this once and she got upset, again, recalling watching it the first time. She remembered how dark and devoid of any semblance of any kind of ceremony it was.  It was so disrespectful.

14. As the casket comes off we see for the first time Jackie, holding onto RFK's hand.  He had met the plane at Andrews and ran up the portable staircase and down the aisle to her.  She too is manhandled off the truck, then surrounded by a dozen men or more.  She makes her way, by herself, to the side of the ambulance and tries to open the side door.  This too upset my Mom, "She couldn't even get in.  They couldn't even open the door for her." These men in uniforms and suits look about absolutely clueless.  No one is in charge.  And yet almost every guy is trying to pull every other guy aside and whisper something.  It's a strange scene.

15. A guy and a nurse are in the front of this ambulance.  Both are removed, almost dragged out.

16. The reporters now see LBJ and Mrs. Johnson.  As they say they see them the Navy ambulance starts to drive off. We see it drive by a helicopter. So, we have seen two helicopters kind of like bookends with AF1 in between them.

17. The female reporter comments that she thinks the Navy ambulance with the bronze, ceremonial casket that just drove off is going towards the other side of this airport to a helicopter. "It is supposed to deliver the casket to the helicopters that are standing by."

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