Thursday, March 15, 2012

Roy Kellerman and "the, ah, body."

Hello folks,

There's a key section in the new Clifton version of the Air Force One tapes I want to draw your attention to.  Doug Horne made his own transcript: 

This is from page 4 and 5 of Horne's transcript. 

Crown - (that's the White House) 26000, ah Duplex is on, go ahead

SAM 26000 - [garbled] Stand By

Duplex - (Gerry Behn) Hello

Digest - (Roy Kellerman) Ok. Jerry?

Duplex - Hello

Digest - [garbled] in here now, ah, we're at the airport, 26000, everybody aboard.

Duplex - Okay go ahead

Digest - We're waiting for the swearing in

Duplex - That is for Volunteer, is that right

Digest - Yes, we are having [garbled] before we take off, Jerry

Duplex - That's affirmative. Do you have any idea what, ah, Lace ( Jackie) wants to do and what Volunteer wants to do on their arrival here?

Digest - No, I will call you back.  Suggest --we have a 2 hour 15 minute flight into Andrews.  We have a full plane of at least 40.

Duplex - Ok, go ahead

Digest - I'll have to call you again after the, ah, body.  However, I'm sure the, ah, Volunteer boys will go over his car and so forth.  We will need [garbled] and several others.

Duplex - All right, let me know what Volunteer wants to do when they, ah, land if they want to come into Crown by, ah, helicopter.

Digest - That's a Roger.  I'll call you again.

Duplex - OK

What does Kellerman mean? What is going on with "the, ah, body?" 

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