Thursday, June 20, 2013

John Simkin is closing down his JFK Forum ( HOORAY! )

From John Simkin:

On 9th June I started a thread on the Future of the JFK Forum. I explained the reasons why I established the JFK Forum in March, 2003 and why I was so concerned about the way it had deteriorated into a Forum of bullying and personal abuse. I said I would make one last effort to make it work.


However, it soon became clear that I did not have the full support of my moderators. One of them, Gary Loughran, actually used the thread to carry out an attack on me.

In real life, I have surrounded myself with kind and supportive friends. They know who I am and act accordingly. My life is good and it is virtually without conflict. Yet on the Forum I have to take this abuse. I can no longer endure the stress this creates. Nor do I have the time or energy to try to keep people under control.

My original vision of JFK researchers coming together to share information in a collaborative and friendly way does not appear to be favoured by enough members to make it work. I have therefore decided to close it down and let members form the kind of Forum that is more to their liking. 

Goodbye and Good Riddance.  That forum was a farce from day one.  He actually had a rule where liars could not be called liars, and lies could not be called lies. Simkin thought that would bring about civility.  It empowered liars to tell lies, you idiot.  

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