Sunday, October 27, 2013

And speaking of republishing old lies...

The L.A. Times wastes some space with some fool who once worked for the Warren Commission.  The media wants to do what it has always done, embrace the Warren Commission.  They want to deny not only that the WC never got anything wrong, they want to deny that there were other federal investigations. They especially want to deny that the most recent one, the ARRB, ever happened.  They want to deny that because of Oliver Stone millions of documents got declassified.  Documents we are still reading, but that they can't even be bothered to acknowledge that they exist.  Documents that should never have been kept from the public to begin with.  The history of the JFK assassination has not yet been written, not while one document, not while one page or one document is kept from the public.

Shame on you Mr. Mosk.

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