Monday, October 28, 2013

Bob Schieffer on Face The Nation had a discussion about the JFK assassination

CBS's Bob Schieffer talks about Oswald going to Mexico City.  He then says the Warren Commission didn't think much of it and it had nothing to do with the assassination.  But, then he mentions Win Scott, the CIA station chief in Mexico City.  He shows a color film of Scott.  Then he gets things wrong and muddies the waters. This author talks about tapes and that photographs of Oswald, or a man who said he was Oswald, should exist.  The CIA photographed everyone who went in and out of the Cuban and Soviet embassies/consulates.

Then some dufus, Tom Johnson who once worked for LBJ, no relation to him, talks about the note Oswald left for FBI agent James Hosty and how he discovered this in 1975.  And they both act like this is new information.  Schieffer acts as though he has never heard of this before.  Johnson rehashes the old lie that this note was threatening, that Oswald threatened to blow-up the FBI field office building.  This is so stupid.  Now think, how in the world could one kid in his early 20's, who never weighed more than 150 pounds in his whole life, how is he going to blow-up a building? Was he just going to stand in front of the building, point to it and say OOOGA-BOOGA and BOOM, SMASH, CRASH, KA-POW, down comes the building?

Then this author, Philip Shenon then hypes what he thinks is news, that William Coleman, a guy on the WC staff went and spoke to Fidel Castro.  But, Coleman made no notes about the meeting.  Coleman was in charge of the conspiracy angle for the WC.

Then, of course, there is the ever popular Panelist part of the show and Schieffer brings in Peggy Noon and Bob Woodward.  Peggy Noon thinks we, now get this, were "lucky" not to know things back then.  And always she talks in that soft, breathy way of her's as she plays with her hair as though she's the cutest thing that ever lived.

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