Saturday, December 7, 2013

Okay everybody, you need to go read this

Bill Kelly's blog post on how the ONI basically said "F You," to the ARRB and got away with it.

It's maddening.  This was never brought to my attention at all when I was paying attention to the ARRB.  I tried my best to be on them like white on rice but nobody told me about the trouble with ONI.  No one told me about Terri Pike, someone who was fired and taken to court, had an Article 32 hearing, which is a step toward trying to have a court martial hearing. They punished her for working with the ARRB. It's insane.  ONI went after her for complying with the law, the JFK Act, which some people in the Navy thought they did not have to comply with at all.

There are some people at ONI who should be in jail for what they did to Terri Pike.

And meanwhile, where are the documents? Did ONI destroy them, or are some records still on a shelf somewhere, that through some miracle might wind up where they belong, in the JFK records collection at Archives II? 

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