Saturday, February 15, 2014

Interesting stuff in part 6

In CBS Live coverage of the Assassination of President Kennedy part 6 there are several interesting films.  For the most part you just have to ignore the crazy Dan Rather narration, he narrates because thee is no sound with these 16mm black and white films, but there are some interesting things here.  Views of JFK shaking hands with folks at Carswell Air Force base.  This is at about 29:20.  This is followed by a lot of film of JFK and Jackie at Love Field.

There's this odd sight at some point somewhere at Love Field.

Then there was this sight which I think is a Secret Service security violation, even though that's probably a cop on top of this possibly a railroad bridge

At about 36:00 the motorcade is going down Main Street and you'll see a vehicle of some type, kind of dark and off in the distance crosses Main St., which is another Secret Service security violation.  I know, there were many, like all these people in the streets and how they seem to have to make a little zig zag right here.  

I put a little red circle around the vehicle that crosses main street here. 

You'll be able to see this car move across the screen from right to left.  

There are several bits where you see the metal bucket on the ground that someone used to clean up some of the blood and gore in the back seat of the limo.

This one is at 38:49

And then this guy comes along and takes it away

This is at 39:00

Whoever this guy is he is seen putting the dark cloth top back onto the presidential limousine. 
I think this is the guy with the dark suit, white shirt and tie, on the right side of the frame below.

And at 42:34 the bucket is back. This is just from earlier, I don't think they made repeated trips from the limo to somewhere inside with the bucket.

Maybe I just never noticed this before but they had a clip showing the TSBD and in addition to the 
HERTZ car rental billboard that flashed the time and temp on the roof of the TSBD was what looks like to me an antennae like a radio antennae sticks up from your car.  And I'm wondering why I never noticed this before, and / or could this have been used to send and receive radio communications.  Was this just part of the HERTZ car rental sign, in other words, the billboard had to have this in order to know what the time and temp was? It's on the roof in the southeast corner.  Anyway....

Then there is a film sequence in Oak Cliff, now this is really interesting.  The filmographer is in a car, perhaps a police squad car and they're going pretty fast down this street.  On the right hand side is an Esso gas station.  Folks, may not remember but Esso was what later became Exxon, at least I think that's an Esso gas station sign.  Ron Reiland of the ABC-TV affiliate WFAA-TV in Dallas joined a police race to the Texas theatre.  For all I know, despite the very late 20th century, early 21st century annoyance of putting text, the corner, this film may not actually belong to CBS but may have been aired on a CBS affiliate.  

Shortly after the Esso gas sign there's a traffic light which looks like its green.  So, there's a cross street shortly past this gas station.

Then there's this clip of a building, I think this was the public library.  There was a report that the suspect went into a library.  Oh, this is at about 47:42, the image below, that is. 

Then there's a clip of a car, I believe a police car going by, then there's this car, also a police car, I believe, parked on the curb and the front passenger door left wide open.

Then there appears to be someone being chased in and around some bushy area.

There's a cop chasing someone. This doesn't do justice to the film. You have to see this as a film to see the cop chasing someone.  

Then they show exterior scenes of The Texas Theatre but it's after Oswald was already taken into custody.  And then we see him brought to DPD HQ. On the left is Charles Buck of WFAA-TV who is inside a hallway that leads to two elevators.  Buck is on the left with a white shirt, dark tie, and he has glasses on.  He's got his 16mm camera up to his face and is filming the men bringing in Oswald.  

Here we see Buck has turned with the first few men and he shouldn't have turned because he doesn't get Oswald coming towards him. 

Okay, so after they bring Oswald up to the third floor then there is a clip of Judge Sarah Hughes driving her car.  She's the one who gave the oath of office to LBJ.

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