Sunday, April 27, 2014


Okay, this is a simple message for Jefferson Morley and the other folks at  I want to help him out and make his website better.

He often writes about some document on some topic is still withheld and he'll have a link to the JFK Records Collection online database.  You can access it here.  Now, if you click on the word "here" in the previous sentence you'll go to a site that looks like this.

And from this site I recommend starting with the standard search.  So, that link will take you to this

When you're at this site you can enter things, a name, a subject, a RIF number, etc and you will, hopefully, find a document or two.  You can't hit "RETURN" to do a search you have to hit the little button

This should come up with some hits.  Say, you put in William Harvey.  Well, you'll get 358 hits.

And if you want to look through these you'll get a very small synopsis of the RIF document.  And this usually goes by 25 at a time.  And it will look like this:

And if you want to see the RIF document you'll have to hit the Full Result button

And you'll get the RIF, like this

What you cannot do is have a direct link to any specific RIF.  It will not work.  It doesn't work like that.  Over and over again the folks at do this, over and over again they'll have a link to NARA and we get this.  

What JFKfacts. org needs to do is to reproduce the image of the RIF they want us to see.  Or give us the exact search term, or terms they use so that we can see the result(s) they want us to see.  

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