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The McCone - Rowley document and Pulling a Con Job on 007 in Russia

A Smoking Gun? More like a Pre-Moistened Towelette 

People are trying to resurrect what has become known as the McCone - Rowley document.  So, I feel the need to make some comments.  A Good source of information including scans of all 3 pages, and without the yellow highlighting can be found here.  It's a blog devoted to this one document.

First of all, I already wrote something about this.  Please read it. 

This document is going around on Facebook now with some very stupid comments.

Folks, don't listen to clowns who've never even bothered to look at the documents in the 26 volumes.
Any JFK group that would allow comments like these to stand on its page isn't a group worth belonging to.

I've also heard that Robert Groden has this document in his new book.  For some reason he thinks its real. I haven't had the chance to acquire Robert's new book yet so I want to hold off on commenting on why Robert thinks it's real.  

Jim DiEugenio has a review of Groden's book "Absolute Proof" on his CTKA sit.e  Unfortunately, he comments on the "Confidential" stamp, "a document with this kind of information in it, namely that Oswald was trained for espionage work by the CIA and the Navy, would not be classified as just Confidential. Which this is. Because that is the lowest security clearance. Something like the McCone-Rowley document would be classified with the highest security clearance. Which, to my knowledge, is Above Top Secret, For Yours Eyes Only."

The "Confidential" stamp is the #1 most fake thing about this document.  It was not used by any U.S. intelligence agency in the 1960's.  Don't even bother going there.  If you've read as many JFK documents as I have, tens of thousands, which is about 1% of the number of documents my friend Malcolm Blunt has, you'll zero in on that stamp right away.  Neither one of us has ever seen any JFK document with anything remotely like that stamp.  It was never part of any U.S. government classification or declassification system by any U.S. agency.  

According to the murky story of who saw this document in its early days getting into the public and the research community someone at a tabloid put that stamp on there to keep roaming eyes within a tabloid away from it, which doesn't make a great deal of sense to me, but, there you go.  Read what I've already wrote on this please.

Thanks to the Mary Ferrell Foundation we can see what real "Confidential" markings on real JFK documents look like.  They are pages where the word CONFIDENTIAL appears in capital letters on the top and usually the bottom as well with a line through the word "confidential," after they've been declassified.

I also object to calling John Armstrong an "Oswald expert."  But, that's another long story.

As more and more JFK documents get declassified and as there are more and more imaging software being created, getting cheaper by the day, and more and more available it is very, very, very easy to fake a document like this.


It is also, very, very, very easy to con people with real U.S. agency created, FBI JFK documents.  There was a cable TV show in the 1990's about Russia's sercet KGB JFK assassination documents.  They even had Roger Moore as the host narrating this turkey.  And it's all the Cold War is over, and maybe we can get some of these documents, and we found a source, and money was traded, and a secret meeting in a stairwell, and it was all ooga-booga.  Now, I remind you these were supposed to be KGB RUSSIAN documents in the RUSSIAN language.  So, we shouldn't be able to see and read anything in ENGLISH on the document.  You can still buy this, it's on DVD.

This thing is 100% pure bullshit.  The bullshit begins when there's some "hidden camera" video of the exchange of the cash (yes they want more money) for the documents.  They get it and run.  Then we see one of the documents.  And spread right across the top of it, in ENGLISH, is the word, I'm doing this from memory, was MEMORANDUM.  Yes, they went to Russia and bought FBI documents that they could have got from NARA for way less than a dollar a page.

It's also on

Go right to 51:34 and get ready to laugh yourself silly.  These IDIOTS paid $5,000 for AMERICAN, FBI JFK assassination documents.  They were clearly copied at Archives II, they have the little "copied at NARA" thing you had to have in order to photocopy documents at Archives II, they are even sorted out by a little metal paperclip.  You'll note in this "hidden camera" footage that everyone's speaking ENGLISH.  And that the documents are even help up to the "hidden" camera.

The text is their text, from them, not me, it's what really appears onscreen. 

See the paperclips? Those paperclips seem to me to be paper clipping something like this ( below) to each document. 

Now someone at Archives II will give you a small little piece of paper like this.  You tape it with Scotch tape, face down onto the glass of the photocopier.  And then you photocopy your documents.  They force you to copy at a 8 by 14 legal size sheet of paper, regardless of the size of the document you're copying and it has to have that little slip on the document you've copied and are taking out of Archives II. If your papers don't have this slip you're not taking it out. There is a "Recorded At NARA" slip too but that seems to be permanently adhered to the glass of the photocopier.  Records being photocopied have to have something identifying by what authority what you're copying was declassified.  There'a a lot more than JFK records at Archives II so the little slips are different depending on what the declassification law was.  So, you can position this little slip so it won't block any important text on the document you're copying. 

Here's one of the Russian, KGB documents.  Wow, look at all them RUSSIAN words in that RUSSIAN language.  Those damn Commies are making their words look just like ENGLISH

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