Friday, December 5, 2014

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For Floyd Boring to be there at Love Field as they put JFK's coffin abroad Air Force One is a BIG story.  Officially, Floyd Boring said he was home in Maryland and had nothing to do with the assassination. If Clint Hill's identification is correct, then Boring's story is a lie.

The JFK Library is publishing photos digitally on their site with meta-data indicating that Floyd Boring is in various photographs. I'm a little bit troubled in that I think they're making that determination from a single source, but I think it's a damn good source, namely Clint Hill.

Of course, we'd like to have several more people confirming the identification.  If we could have one more person, or at least two documents putting Floyd Boring at Love Field, or aboard Air Force One, it would be great.

This literally changes everything.  I'm going to try to go through information that we know, that Boring said, in regards to where he was during the time of the whole two day Texas trip.  But, we should start prior to that and go back, at least to April 23rd, 1963 to see what Floyd Boring was doing, going through the official record, through the official story that he was not there, and the implications of his being there.

We need to find a recording of his voice.  I think he might be a voice on the Air Force One tapes.  If we could confirm that, that would be huge.

We need to verify this.  I think it is possible that Clint Hill could be wrong. I hope to god he's not, but he could be.  For now, this is a call to researchers to research.  This could explode in our faces or it could be a goldmine that rewrites the whole history of the case.

Boring is the one who told Clint Hill to keep the men off the rear of the limousine.  Boring also had something to do with the discovery of two bullet fragments in the front seat of the presidential limousine, although he claimed he had nothing to do with a search of the limo in the White House garage.

When Joan Zimmerman and Doug Horne went to his home and interviewed him in 1997 he said right away he doesn't know anything and he had nothing to do with it, which seems to me to be two slightly contradictory statements.  If you know you had nothing to do with "it" then you know there was an "it" and probably who the people were who did have something to do with it.  If a character said that to Lt. Columbo, then Lt. Columbo would spend the rest of the day with that character, and follow up with at least three more visits.  

Stay tuned, this is a developing story.

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