Friday, December 5, 2014

MAJOR DISCOVERY - Secret Service Agent Floyd Boring was on Dallas trip, seen in photos at Love Field as JFK's casket is put aboard, and at Andrews AFB.

Vince Palamara has just discovered that when JFK archivists asked Clint Hill to help identify people in their photographic holdings for the meta-data they wished to publish alongside the photographs as part of their digitization program Hill identified SS agent Floyd Boring.

See -

Officially, Floyd Boring was not on the Dallas trip.

These photographs have only been recently released in digital form online within the last few days.

I've asked Vince to put a circle around Boring, or maybe straight lines and an A, B, C, etc, next to people so we can better identify who is who.

Black line pointing to Floyd Boring. 

This is a major find. And Vince will have to rewrite his book for the best of reasons.

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