Wednesday, February 4, 2015

David Slawson now thinks JFK was victim of a massive plot, kind of, sort of, LHO still sole assassin, "conspiracy" came from Mexico City, except it didn't, involving Cubans and Mexican nationals

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David Slawson is too cute by half.  He wants to use the word "CONSPIRACY" to sell the paperback version of his book to tell you, yes, it was Lee Harvey Oswald, and only Lee Harvey Oswald who was the sole, lone gunman, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blab, blah, blah, ...........

And the damn fool, Phillip Shenon, writing for POLITICO sensationalizes the hell out of NOTHING TO SEE HERE, except we must help David Slawson sell his BS book.

Shenon probably spent his entire life hating his father, who, when Shenon was one once said, "I got your nose."

Slawson is hyping his take on Oswald in Mexico City.  That Cuban diplomats and Mexican civilians encouraged Oswald to kill Kennedy.

More BS decades old smoke and mirror nonsense sold as "news" to the uneducated.

Gee, Slawson doesn't seem to tell POLITICO that there's a tape of Oswald in Mexico City that he, Slawson, listened to, and when asked by the ARRB to answer some questions about what he heard on that tape basically told them to go F off.  I'll bet that's not in Lawson's paperback book.

And Slawson, calls RFK "A Bastard." He claims RFK withheld information.

Right.  RFK withheld those CIA files that were released nearly 30 years after RFK was assassinated.

You'll note Shenon has no idea what a RIF number is.

These two should be in jail for spewing this garbage.

Shenon is still interested in what happened to his nose.

Lawson is investigating reports of land sharks in Seattle.

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