Thursday, February 5, 2015

Marquette University fires McAdams

It comes far too late to restore any sense of honor to Marquette University or to give any sense of justice to McAdams' victim Cheryl Abbate who had to flee Marquette University out of fear his minions might physically attack her, Marquette has finally fired McAdams.

They're being very quiet about it, citing propers procedures but stick a fork in him, he's done.

Abate should sue, not just McAdams but Marquette University for this total atrocity.

This should not end merely with his firing.

He will beg for help, reframing his bullying as though he's a victim, like bullys always do.  He'll pretend he's being crucified for his conservative values.  Marquette needs to state publicly exactly why McAdams is being fired, and should publicly apologize to Cheryl Abbate for doing so little, so late.

Marquette University needs to continue to clean house.  All current students who wrote threats directed to Cherryl Abbate should be expelled.  

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