Saturday, March 19, 2016

John Newman continues to find amazing information in the newly released documents

Emilio Americo Rodriguez, CIA cryptonym AMIRE-1. I listed this crypt and the ID in Appendix I of Where Angels Tread Lightly. Emilio will figure prominently in Volume II, Countdown to Darkness. One of the most closely guarded CIA cryptonyms and true names in the history of the case. The sources for the true name and the crypt are mutually reinforcing. The principal center RIF blocks for Rodriguez (10180; 10161, and 10215) also betray his identity in all of the documents.  And, finally, the story behind this identification is buttressed by the parallel story of AMPARCH-1 (Warren E. Frank, AKA Edward D. Knapman) and AMRYE-1 (Tone Sforza, AKA Henry Sloman): These three men worked together in Havana in 1960; they remained as stay-behind agents after the January 1961 break with Cuba; they were exfiltrated at the same time to the U,S.; and then they went to JMWAVE where they worked together in the Foreign Intelligence (FI) branch. If you are interested, you may examine the key source documents for how this crypt was successfully broken at the Mary Farrell website:
1/27/65 Biographical Data on Emilio Americo Rodriguez. Note: Although the name is redacted everywhere in the document, the redactor failed to redact it on the RIF sheet, effectively nullifying decades of effort to hide this name. His CIA security number, 214442, at the top of this document, links to hundreds of other documents where his name is redacted.

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