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Reaction and comments on Jim DiEugenio appearance on Black Op Radio Jun 27, 2017

I want to correct something right away.  The ARRB sunset in 1998.  In Sept, 1998.  They are no more.  They don't exist anymore.  There were 5 members.  2 of them are dead now.  Dr. Anna K. Nelson, and Dr. Kermit Hall.  I'm unaware whether or not Dr. Henry Graff or Dr. William Joyce are still with us.  I think they both are.

So, no, the ARRB didn't release this massive amount of JFK records online.  NARA did that.  There were two types of documents.  Documents previously postponed in part, and documents postponed in full.

There was little to no prior announcement to this at all.  On Tuesday, July 25th, they released ( at 8:00 a.m. in the morning, according to Dr. John Newman ) 9 .zip files everyone could download.  Well, it was almost immediate chaos and remained so all day long.  I didn't know about this until I got home and saw Deb Conway posting about it on Facebook.  So, that's about 5 to 6 o'clock, p.m.  And it took hours but I got everything.

Now, well prior to this I got all of the ARRB's notices as published in The Federal Register.  They only printed summaries and did not publish a document by document listing of Reader Identification Form (RIF) numbers after April 8, 1998.  However, they did make such listings and these listings are in their papers at Archives II.  I went and got all of that.  I had that information with me when I spoke at the ARRC conference in Bethesda, MD, most of this was taped by C-SPAN and is on their website.

I culled out from all of that information every document that listed a document as being either postponed in part, or postponed in full and made that into a Word document. I showed that at the last Lancer conference.

Since then I made another Word document listing every RIF number regardless of whether the ARRB released it in full, postponed, or postponed in full.

So, I have my Withheld document and my Everything document.  I had just finished making the Everything document when this surprise release happened.

As I'm going through this I noticed a few things.

So, going back a bit, if you've been paying attention to the ARRB in the 1990's you might have noticed they'll list a RIF, for example 104-10245-10035.  Okay, so we know it's a CIA document because the first three digits, 104 are all CIA documents. And then in the ARRB listing they'll list another RIF document within that subgrouping 104-10245, 104-10245-10486 ( I'm just making this second number up, I don't know for certain there is one with this exact number) So, my point is there is a gap between 35 and 486.  Now sometimes a document within this gap shows up in a batch release somewhere.   

So, another project I've started but haven't finished is to list documents sequentially and note in which batch they'll be. But, the main reason I'm doing this listing is to document gaps where there is a range of documents but given all of the ARRB information there's actually no information for any document that would fall within the range of the gap.  These gaps in the numbers are the most important part of the story.  A proper examination of this will reveal the true depth of what they're really hiding from us. This is a textbook definition of hiding in plain sight. 

So, the only possible explanation I can come up with is that concurrent with the activities of the ARRB the JFK Act itself, which is really NARA in conjunction with various intelligence agencies, was releasing documents with little or no fanfare.  And no proper listing.  So, I think this may explain some of the gaps, which may have been released and are interspersed within the JFK Records Collection, or perhaps documents whose numbers fall within these gaps were not released.  

Okay, so in terms of this July 2017 release and its listing I cross checked my Everything doc with the Excel information and some of the documents they released have RIF numbers that never appeared in any of the ARRB's notices.  Now, this is very important, and I have to double check my information because I want to be very sure of what I'm saying and I want to show you the proof.  So, I'm working on that now.  

And simultaneous to this IDIOTPANTS is on on Alex Jones' InfoWars show reselling all of his original lies about alteration in the Altgens photo.  Jones isn't there.  He took a powder, but this other idiot stands in, Dr. Jerome Corsi.  And there's another InfoWars show where IDIOTPANTS wants the world to believe that Jack Ruby did not shoot Oswald.  

Initial reports on viewing the scanned images in this release show that some documents are still withheld in full.

I have not examined all of the documents page by page.  I have looked at some.  Dr. John Newman is posting interesting information as he finds documents relevant to his research and forthcoming books. He posts regularly on Facebook.  I have noticed that though documents are named by their RIF number in a .pdf scan the actual RIF page or JFK Identification Form has not been scanned.  

Yes, there are some MLK documents in this release.  There have been MLK documents here and there in the JFK collection in the various batches all along. This really isn't news. 

Jefferson Morley has proclaimed that some documents that should have been released were not. I have to look at that further to understand what he means.

Okay, something important to stress, the so called listing from NARA as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request that listed 3,000 plus documents and they were all or mostly CIA, and that was all that NARA had to be released, that everything will be out, that's all BULLSHIT.

That listing is interesting, very interesting, because it lists RIF numbers that do not appear in any ARRB listing. But, by no means, and I mean no means is it a complete listing of everything that is supposed to be released in October.  There are at least 25,000 documents, perhaps as many as 36,000 or more document that need to be released.  There is at least one agency that never complied with the ARRB or the JFK Act, and that's the Office of Naval Intelligence.  In fact, one woman who did want to work with the ARRB was courtmartialed for doing so and thrown out of the Navy.  The details about that are on Bill Kelly's blog. 

By the time Jim was trying to download this stuff there were 23 or more batches of downloadable zip files.  It is believed that these are the original 9 zip files broken down into smaller files that would be easier to download. 

I'm going to refer to the original 9 zip files because I just don't have the time to go and get them again ( maybe I should do this ) and cross check to see if indeed this is exactly the same as the files or possibly discover there's an extra document here in one of these 23 files.  Ugh.

Jim gives a brief history of the ARRB.  Jim wonders how good the ARRB was.  Operational CIA files were outside of the purview of the ARRB.  Real names were redacted in documents in some situations, but by 2017 they were to be opened in full.  Now Jim thinks, falsely, that the ARRB was asleep at the switch, or that the CIA thought they could get away with a lot of shit.

Well, they were and they weren't on some things it depends on the agency and subject matter.  

They certainly were with the Zapruder film in getting physical custody of the film, kind of, sort of, and yet not getting the intellectual property rights of the damn thing. The god damn Zapruder family and the 6th Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas still profit off of the film.  Tunheim thought it was all set, then went on a vacation with his family somewhere, and boom, some shit happened. The Zapruder film and the ARRB was just a fiasco.  

They were damn good on the medical evidence.

But, yes, there was certainly some monkey business with the CIA, but not limited to the CIA. If you're thorough and go through every document page by page, there's some mischief here and there to discover, like George Joannides.  

Jim talks about the Yuri Nosenko audio.  I haven't found this or listened to it yet.  Jim says it's been revealed that Nosenko was never a KGB agent.  So, if that's true then why were these files held secret for decades?  Well, I would say that that's probably one reason right there.  

Jim thinks there is beginning to be a controversy over how good the ARRB was. Huh? People have been skeptical of them from the start, but I contend that despite their flaws they were the most friendly to JFK researchers and remarkably effective in their mandate to acquire and release JFK assassination records.  

A document relating to a William Martin, who was an aide in Garrison's camp was indeed a CIA agent, working for their domestic contact division.  

Jim has been thinking about the ARRB since Tunheim came back and gave a speech at a JFK CAPA ( the former COPA organization) conference/event at the Newseum in D.C. recently.  Jim did an interview with David Giglio.  This is a long interview, 90 minutes, and covering many topics, basically the whole JFK case from the beginning.  Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, and Eddie Barker at KRLD in Dallas, the CBS affiliate followed the activities of the WC and interviewed and filmed many witnesses and officials to sell the WC like a used car.  They had interviews, films, graphics, a TV studio, the whole works ready to go the second the Report was released  to the public. Cronkite opens the show commenting on what time it was as he holds up the WC.  It's like it's the new toy on Christmas Day.  

I'm not going to go over every thing he mentioned in that interview.  I'll try to limit it to ARRB info. Yes, they were underfunded.  Jim thinks they should have been around for 7 years.  Citing the FOIA listing Jim thinks only 3,000 plus documents did not get released.

Then he refers to this researcher Ramon Rivera who is doing an article for Jim's new website places the figure of unreleased as being 9,000 documents.  [ LOL! ]

Then he goes into "Case Closed' and the free publicity that damn thing got, which was at least $100 million dollars.

I'll have more to say later.

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