Sunday, September 15, 2019

Fetzer found in contempt of court. His troubles are only beginning

Fetzer is fooked.    

Fetzer was ordered to keep a May 28th videotaped interview of Leonard Pozner confidential.  He agreed to do this in court. And then promptly didn't.  In a Ralph Cinque like move he thought he could prove it wasn't Leonard Pozner in the videotaped deposition.

Now he has to pay $7,000 or the amount of time Pozner's lawyer spent bringing the contempt action by the morning of October 14th when the jury trial begins to see how much more Fetzer will have to pay in compensation for defaming Pozner.  And Chris Rickert, author of the article in the Wisconsin State Journal writes, quoting Judge Frank Remington, if Fetzer doesn't bring the $7,000 grand, "bring your toothbrush because you'll be going to the Dade County jail."

[This is from the Wisconsin State Journal. So, WSJ is not the Wall Street Journal, okay?]

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