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My reactions to Bpete on the Ochelli Effect show "Awaken When September Ends," Sept. 12, 2019

"Awaken When September Ends," Sept. 12, 2019. 

I think Bpete has conflated Gen. Mattis with Gen. Michael Flynn at about 24:28. Flynn was briefly Trump's National Security Advisor, a position he held for less than a month. Flynn was compromised by Russians. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned Trump about this and Trump did noting about it for weeks. Flynn was also an unregistered agent for the Turkish government. Trump finally fired Flynn on Feb 13, 2017 for allegedly lying to VP Pence. Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI. Flynn is a traitor who will do anything for money. Mattis was Trump's Secretary of Defense. Mattis got fed up with Trump and wrote a resignation letter on Dec 20th, 2108 that criticized Trump. It ended with Mattis saying he would resign on Feb 28th. Trump declared, no, Mattis you're fired as of Jan 1, 2019. Mattis never pled guilty to anything. Mattis was never charged with any crime that I know of. Flynn's sentencing has been delayed while he corroborated with Robert Mueller and the FBI. When Flynn wanted to be sentenced the judge gave him several overt hints that he really doesn't want to be sentenced today, go and corroborate some more. A year later Flynn has fired his legal team and he's hired a Fox News conspiracy theorist, Sidney Powell, who thinks the whole case against Flynn is just "deep state" fake news crap. She thinks the entire Mueller investigation is just "deep state" fake news crap too. She's full of it. 

He also believes Biden colluded with the Russians. This is BS. This is part of a thing where Rudy Gulianni was going to go to the Ukraine to find dirt on Biden.  

Hard right-wing guys think the whole Trump-Russia thing is an invention, a lie, created by U.S. intelligence people. They think former head of DNI, James Clapper and former CIA director John Brennan made it all up. Clapper and Brennan are demonized on right-wing media 24/7. It's total BS. 

Clapper was caught up in the NSA scandal where it was proven by Ed Snowden that, yes, the NSA had collected data on hundreds of millions of Americans. And America realized that, yes, we're really living in a police state. There is constant surveillance on everything and everyone.  So, of course Trump's constant use of an insecure cell phone which he used to communicate with Russians got turned into the lie that Obama was spying on Trump. Trump is an idiot. The NSA was doing its job. It's supposed to listen in on communications with Russians. Only Trump is stupid enough to believe no one was listening to his calls to Russians.  Trump has apparently never heard of the Cold War.  

Bpete wants to transfer George W. Bush's green lighting of torture onto Brennan and Clapper. 

OMG, Bpete doesn't think Trump colluded with Russia at all!  Instead he thinks the Democrats did. Yeah, Hillary colluded with Russia to ensure her defeat to Trump. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. He buys the false narrative that Mueller found nothing. Not True. ( Don't forget William Barr lied about its conclusions and prevented the release of the Mueller report for 3 weeks. )  And that the Steele dossier was funded by Hillary Clinton. NO, the Steele dossier was opposition research on Trump created for Sen. Ted Cruz during the Republican primaries. Hillary bought it AFTER the primaries were over. All Trumpanzees lie about the Steele dossier chronology. They all delete its true creation and affiliation with Ted Cruz.  

UGHHH! The Democrats played George Papadopoulos? Georgie-boy got drunk in a London bar in May of 2016 and blabbed to an Australian diplomat, Alexander Downer, that Russians had Hillary's emails. Downer warns the U.S. authorities. The FBI opens a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign as a result of Downer's information on July 31, 2016.  We have yet to see anything from this investigation.  

But to Bpete it's all the Democrats, they're the evil ones, why isn't anyone investigating them? And why won't they change Trump's diaper? 

Ochelli doesn't go along with Bpete's crap.  

They didn't get Cohen? That's news to him. He's in prison right now.  

"I'm not a fan of Trump."  You're certainly an apologist and defender of him. 

Umm, Bpete, ever hear of the governors from New York who won the presidency? Hint, there were four, two were named Roosevelt. 

17 former governors became presidents.  

James Monroe - Virginia
Martin Van Buren - New York
William Harry Harrison - Indiana territory
John Tyler - Virginia
James K Polk - Tennesse
Andrew Johnson - Tennesse
Rutherford B Hayes - Ohio
Grover Cleveland - New York
Theodore Roosevelt - New York
William Howard Taft - provisional governor of Cuba, Governor General of the Philippines. 
Woodrow Wilson - New Jersey
Calvin Coolidge - Massachusetts
FDR - New York
Jimmy Carter - Georgia
Ronald Reagan - California. Can't believe Bpete forgot Reagan.
Bill Clinton - Arkansas
George W. Bush - Texas

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