Sunday, October 6, 2019

Whackos on Social Media still try to attack JFK withdrawing from Vietnam

For anyone to argue against the work of John M. Newman and his work, "JFK & Vietnam," and its central thesis that, yes, JFK was withdrawing from Vietnam is just an absolute lunatic. John Newman has declassified more documents on this than were in the Pentagon Papers. We also have these works embracing and expanding upon Newman's work: 
Gordon Goldstein – Lessons in Disaster
James Blight – Virtual JFK
David Kaiser – American Tragedy: Kennedy, Johnson, and the Origins of the Vietnam War, 
Howard Jones – Death of a Generation
James Douglas – JFK and The Unspeakable. 

To offer as a counter argument a link to RFK's oral histories as though this is scholarship is ridiculous. 

To claim that none of these authors used any primary materials and that all of them are just making things up shows the stupidity of the counter argument. Just block these people. 

Facts don't matter to these idiots. 

The primary materials these authors used many of which are housed at or donated to the JFK Library, were still classified when RFK was killed. 

Daniel Ellsberg and the whole saga of the Pentagon Papers happened after RFK was killed. Should all of this history, all of the declassification, and all scholarship be null and void because it didn't happen prior to RFK's assassination? 

Of course not. BLOCK THESE IDIOTS!

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