Saturday, December 7, 2019

NARA to sell 3-D printed copies of the bullets used to kill JFK. And CAPA approves!

This is just so disgusting.  They are going to offer 6 bullets.  Yes, 6.  No, they are not saying 6 bullets hit JFK.  Try to follow the stupidity of this.  This set of 6 includes:

2 that hit JFK.  They use the word "pierce" as if the whole murder wasn't gory enough as it is. 

1 that they are calling "the stretcher bullet." They are also calling this "The Connally bullet."

2 bullets fired from the gun recovered from the crime scene to test its general handling and ballistic properties.

1 from the alleged attempt to kill General Walker.

Did you get all that? This is so fucked up.  First of all, the Warren Commission claimed only 3 shots were fired at JFK's motorcade.  One shot missed and struck a curb near James Teague on Main Street down near the triple underpass causing curb and / or bullet fragments to nick his face causing his cheek to bleed.

So, this left only 2 shots to do all the wounding and killing.  One shot clearly hit JFK and JFK alone in the head killing him. This left 1 shot to inflict all of the non-fatal wounds in JFK and Governor Connally.  This bullet because of its impossible trajectory and near pristine condition was called the "magic bullet." 

JFK was only hit by 2 shots according to the Warren Commision's version.  One was the fatal head shot, and the other the "magic bullet." 

These idiots don't comprehend that "the stretcher bullet" or "the Connally bullet" is "the magic bullet,"also known as commission exhibit #399 and is one of the two that hit JFK.  If they did then their set of 6 would be a set of 5.  

Then we have the problem of these test fired bullets.  Which test firing are they talking about? When was this test? Who did this test? Was this done by the FBI? Or the Edgewood Army arsenal tests? Test fired during the time of the HSCA? There have been several test firings in the history of this case.  

One such test firing was done not to test "the general handling and ballistic properties" of the 6.5mm Italian Mannlicher carcano rifle, the make and model they eventually settled on as being "the" rifle, but to test if they could produce a bullet that would appear as near pristine as the "magic bullet" after striking a rib and wrist.  They never could.  

Here is figure A-14 from page 35 of the Warren Commission report.  The Warren Commission had the Defense Department test fire the rifle at the U.S. Army's Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland.  Every bullet that hit bone was deformed.  Even one fired into a gelatin block showed more deformity than CE399.

CE 572 - test bullets fired by the FBI in the CE 139 rifle 
CE 853 - is a bullet fired through the rib of a goat
CE 856 - is a bullet fired through a wrist

The government does not offer an image of a test fired bullet that went through a human rib and a wrist that looks anything like CE 399. 

The original bullet recovered from the shooting at General Walker's home was steel jacketed, and not copper jacketed. It was of "undetermined" calibre, though referred to as 30.06 in calibre by The Dallas Police in the press at the time. This is explained on p.40 of Warren Commission 18, CE #2001.  This is the Dallas Police Department case file on the Walker shooting.  The crime remained unsolved until the government stole it and used it to demonstrate that Oswald had a history of shooting at people. It was also used to claim that he was apolitical in who he directed his violence to as Walker was extreme Right-wing and JFK was Liberal.  So, therefore the assassination was not a political crime

After the assassination of JFK the real Walker bullet disappears and is replaced with a 6.5mm bullet, CE 573.  It is a complete fiction.  Walker himself said that CE 573 was not the bullet recovered from his home.  

To add further insult to the this injury guess who supports this absurdity? Yes, you guessed it CAPA, the Coalition Against Political Assassinations. ( As if there was a coalition for it. ) CAPA is the new name of the former COPA, the Coalition on Political Assassinations.  As I was writing this article and spreading the word about how disgusted I was with it I got an email response from Larry Schnapf, the new idiot spokesman for CAPA.  You might have seen him involved with the horrendous farce of a mock trial CAPA was so gung ho for that was held in a Texas law school that resulted in a hung year in 2017.    

Larry has obviously never heard of the 50 plus years of research done by private citizens on this and many other issues into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, nor has he ever heard of photography.  We've already done this work, Larry, you jackass! And we did it without selling crass plastic versions of bullets to make our points, Larry. 

I'm just stunned that CAPA could allow itself to be this disgusting and self-defeating.  

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