Saturday, February 22, 2020

And worse and worse

So, Trump has put in this internet troll dickhead Nazi Richard Grenell in charge of the entire US intelligence community.  And this schmuck is going to also stay on as our ambassador to Germany.

So, what does CNN do when reporting on the immediate impact Grenell is having? Who could they turn to to describe the obvious horrific implications of this? Yes, that right, let's get Donald Trump Jr.'s opinion.

"He looks forward to having an 'honest dealer' leading the intelligence community." 

What the fuck does Donald Trump Jr. know about honesty or intelligence?

So, who could CNN turn to to get an idea of how well Grenel has performed as an ambassador?  Yes, they again turn to Donald Trump Jr., "He's the most effective person we've seen in an ambassadorial spot decades."

Grenell's tenure may be short, some say as little as 90 days, because there's talk Trump is shopping around for someone else to hold the job.  There are reports Trump wants Rep. Doug Collins to take the job.  Trump liked what he saw on TV with Collins during the impeachment trial.  But, Collins is screaming he doesn't want it.

Imagine if Trump gives the job to Rep. Deven Nunes.

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